sausage-sizzle-4 andrew-bike-donation fundraiser

Many children have been assisted through the generous support of individuals and community groups who have organised fundraising events to support CHIA. Some ideas of fundraising activities can include hosting morning teas with friends and family, school raffles and fates to support CHIA. Group fundraising is a great way to bring people together.

Calling all schools
Many schools around the world include social justice and community support programs in the curriculum. When a school supports CHIA, its students benefit from the opportunity to learn about Vietnam and how Vietnamese children’s lives differ from their own. If you are a teacher, parent, student or have a relationship with a particular school, please help us by recommending that CHIA be included as a beneficiary in the school’s program.

Please contact CHIA for further information. We can provide you with support and materials to assist your fundraising venture.