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Whilst the quality of health care is steadily improving in the two big cities it is very difficult to get health support in rural areas. It is even more difficult for those with major or chronic medical conditions.

In Vietnam, families are responsible for the total cost of health care, which results in children not having access to essential medical care. Children can attend a hospital free of cost up to the age of six years. However the cost of treatment or services such as a blood test, the parents have to pay, resulting in the family being discouraged in seeking medical support. CHIA has established a range of programs providing medical support to children where many of the families cannot afford the medical care needed to provide effective treatment.

  • Initial consultations and testing to accurately diagnose conditions
  • Facilitating and financing emergency/life-saving surgeries
  • Management and treatment for chronic and critical conditions
  • Necessary after-care services
  • Nutrition program for malnourished children
  • Ongoing medication

CHIA Health Education in Communities (CHEC)

Basic health education is crucial to improving health and living standards and CHIA has been very active in conducting health education workshops and seminars at the local (commune) level. The topics can vary from nutrition, women’s health, anti-natal care, hygiene and home treatments.

In a number of cases CHIA has been able to provide an associated vaccination program for influenza or rubella.

Nutrition Sponsorship

CHIA seeks nutrition sponsorship through private donors, which provides milk and rice to malnourished children in the poorest families. Contact us for the cost of sponsorship.

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