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CHIA’s Disability Support Programmes

Disability services in Vietnam are extremely limited, with most families having no idea how to seek assistance for their child. Having a child with a disability is considered a family issue; however, these families often suffer grief and loss, causing significant mental health issues. Looking after a disabled child can severely affect a parent’s chance to find work, which has a strong impact on the finances of the whole family.

CHIA provides practical treatment programmes, including:

  • Teaching ‘Practical and Life Skills’ to the children and the parents helps to maximize physical, social and intellectual development
  • POD (Program of Development) day programme provides physical, social and intellectual development to children aged between one and seven years. CHIA helps the children who will attend school to maximise their confidence and abilities
  • Ongoing therapy for children with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, for children who attend POD and in the villages
  • Practical assistance to improve the quality of children’s lives in the home environment, e.g. modifications to the layout of the home, redesign of furniture to enable more independent living
  • Provision of supportive seating, wheelchairs and other mobility devices, prostheses and orthotics devices

Due to the lack of disability support services, CHIA puts a strong emphasis on helping and training parents to provide basic treatment and therapy in their home.