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Today we said a sad farewell to three wonderful volunteers. CHIA always remains grateful to those who choose to give us their time so generously. Volunteers tell us that they gain so much from their experience and CHIA loves to have them contribute to our charity. CHIA believes that anyone who wants to volunteer with us has something to offer, even if it's in a small way but most volunteers give more than we could ever ask.

Thank you Julia for your amazing accounting skills and knowledge. You have helped us immensely. Thank you Haley for giving us your time, helping with fundraising and grant seeking (its a big job). Thank you Jan for taking such wonderful photos of our kids and activities. CHIA's staff and children will miss you.

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Thank you to our Australian visitors Lynnette, Susan, Craig and Sandra who always come with open hearts and gifts for our children. Also a big thanks to Lynnette's daughter Melea Milne for the clothing donations.

CHIA's children love to see our guests and they are trilled to spend time with them all.

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Last week we saw the beginning of an 8 week swimming therapy program for CHIA's children with disabilities. Each Wednesday, the children and CHIA staff head to the local pool for this fun time. The children love to spend time in the water and they benefit greatly from the therapy and experience.

Many thanks to Karma Group who sponsor the lessons and Swim Vietnam for providing such a wonderful program specifically designed for children with disabilities.

Also thanks to our current volunteers Jan (photos), Haley and Orly.

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CHIA's sexual education program has re begun with thanks to our Australia supporter who raises funds through a Sydney hospital. CHIA has gained permission from the government to conduct 21 new sessions (Schools) throughout the province of Quang Nam.

CHIA's staff and midwife present classes to year 9 girls and boys (aged 15), providing information about sexual health, pregnancy prevention and self care. In Vietnam, Sexual health is not provided in schools and it is not openly spoken about, therefor the need to conduct such classes rose out of the alarming high number of teenage pregnancies, abortions and STDs.

The outstanding positive response from the students, teachers and families shows a great need to continue this program, in support of young people and their healthy futures.

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Last week CHIA visited Thang Binh district to deliver the remaining vitamins to 55 pregnant and lactating women. It was a well organised event with the help of red Cross Vietnam and the women were very happy to receive the donations. ...

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